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The 10 Most “Read” Books in the World (via @GalleyCat)

I question whether these are the 10 most read books; according to this graphic, 3,900,000,000 Bibles have been sold, but not all of them have been read. I have read The Bible (Old and New Testament), Selected Quotations from Mao, the Harry Potter Series, The Da Vinci Code, Gone with the Wind, and The Diary of Anne Frank. I just downloaded The Alchemist to my Kindle.

This is an interesting list, and provides insight into our global human culture of literacy. We love narratives (including The Bible and The Diary of Anne Frank), which account for 8 of the above books, we love insight and improving our minds and ourselves, and we love fantasy and distraction. I have never read The Twilight Saga, but I watched the first movie, and those are 2 hours of my life that I will never get back.

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